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So what is... History?

Remember the "old days" when being on the net meant you had a university email account?  When the World Wide Web was actually a new idea?  When Mosaic was the hottest piece of software around and people still used Lynx to browse web pages... forgetting about modems that actually needed a phone to work. No?

Well I had a web page back then.  I also had a T1 connection to the net, and a web server running on my PC.

For the sake of historical accuracy and the good of posterity, I have brought this first site and its descendants back for your viewing pleasure.  Why I am engaging in this masochistic exercise in public humiliation, I don't know. I'd like to get my money's worth for the 25 megs of site space I have, for one thing.  For another, I think it's pretty cool to look back at the evolution of web technology, or perhaps more obviously my graphic design skills.   I am now at revision 5 of my personal web site, and below are four choices at conveniently spaced intervals of the previous versions - have at 'em.  One interesting note: all the sound samples probably work now, because all the browsers come bundled with mpeg players these days.  D'ohh!!

I'd like to see anyone else even try to match this for self-indulgence and decadence on a personal web site.  Not gonna happen!

1993 -- Scary!

1995 -- House of Ruggeri

1997 -- House II

1999 -- aruggeri.com, version 1.0

2001: an aruggeri.com odyssey

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