A large part of my free time is spent on working on my music- which can be anything from ambient groove to hard techno to the spaciest, weirdest shit you've ever heard. As Dei Sub I've released three vinyl records (check out the discog for full details), a mixture of experimental ambient and hard technofunk. My current project is DJ Mobius, a mix of floating ambience, electronica weirdness, and pounding grooves. I'm currently looking for a label to release DJ Mobius tracks, so if you're with a record company looking for new material, drop me a line. I haven't put up any sound samples because internet sound sucks!!! You can hear 5 seconds of great sound, or 30 seconds of mush, or you can listen to the whole thing (eventually) with RealAudio. Oh well, enough diatribe for now.

In case you care, I've also included a list of what I think are the top techno tracks of all time on my lists page.

OK! And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... my Top Techno Tracks of All Time!!! Note that I am not of the school that believes any track that gets too popular must, by definition, be crap.

1 Acperiance I Hardfloor
2 It's a Fine Day Opus Nine
3 Judgement Joey Beltram
4 Age of Love Age of Love
5 O Fortuna Apotheosis
6 Reverberate Opinion Hardfloor
7 Little Fluffy Clouds The Orb
8 Trip II the Moon Acen
9 Are We Here? Orbital
10 Gaza Andromeda
11 Move Moby
12 Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited (I like the track, ok?!!)
13 Papua New Guinea Future Sound of London
14 Moscow (FSOL remix) Future Sound of London
15 Dominator (Beltram mix) Human Resource
16 Tempestada XVX II Illuminatae
17 I'm So High Eden Transmission
18 Caliber Joey Beltram
19 Mikado Pulse