I was a molecular biology major in college (Princeton '95), and I used to work as a technical consultant at Formal Systems, Inc., but now I'm a consultant with Coretech Consulting Group, Inc. I just started, so I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing yet--probably a lot of internet and intranet development. On the side I produce underground techno in my home studio, though these days I've moved into more experimental electronic ambient, and I'm actually taking a bit of a break right now. My thesis was on the origin of evolutionary constraints, an examination and rebuke of the more extreme theories put forth by proponents of structuralism in biology (like anybody cares at this point--I still think it was a good thesis). At Formal Systems I used to do basically everything associated with interactive media, whether that was low-level programming, content authoring, interface design, project administration and client liason work, etc. etc. etc. They were none too pleased to see me leave. They were, after all, the interactive media experts! If you needed an assembly-language binary encryption scheme, that would have been me. If you needed an ISDN line hooked up to a router for your LAN, well, that would have been me too. Now hopefully I'll be doing more "actual applications," as opposed to mostly training and presentation materials, and move to Phase II of my Plan for Total World Domination (learn MFC and acquire management skills).

My musical interests these days place more emphasis on spacey, experimental ambient and electronic soundscapes, and increasingly less on the repititive, boring, sound-alike techno which fills the clubs of the world. Of course, I've put out my little share of that as well, though hopefully it avoids most of those negative attributes.

Aside from doing music, I also play volleyball a lot, watch a moderate amount of sports on TV (because everything else is pretty boring) plus Seinfeld, ER, and Melrose Place, play mind-numbing PC games (Quake Mission Packs being the latest n' greatest) and read up on philosophy or particle physics (In Search of Schroedinger's Cat is a great book on quantum mechanics) or whatever else I happen to want at the moment. I also spend time doing spinouts in the snow and crashing into curbs with my poor Miata, but I try to keep that to a bare minimum (once so far this year).

I also like to travel to warm, sunny places with palm trees, beaches, and rainforests, preferably south of Guatemala, but I haven't done much of this recently. While there I like exploiting the biodiversity of these regions to enhance my personal collection of Coleopteran insects, something else which I haven't done in a while. If you have no idea what I just said, that is probably a good thing. I haven't done bugs professionally for several years now.

In case you've detected some kind of pattern here--volleyball, convertible, computer expertise, sunny climes--it's true, I would like to eventually end up on in southern California, preferably with a nice lucrative administrative/technical position, beachfront house, Ferrari (drool) and Bimmer in the driveway (well, Miata too I guess), and volleyball court on the sand. Got any fantastic employment possibilities for an Ivy League computer geek MBA wannabe? Drop me a line or take a look at my resume. Though this is less of a concern now I'm with an organization that actually has middle management!! What a concept.

Check out my lists page for some more tidbits about me.