Ye Olde Gear List
...check out the rack!

Proteus MPS+  
Korg DW-8000  
Roland JV-1080
Emu ESi-32
Novation BassStation  
Roland Juno-106  
Ensoniq ESQm
Alesis D4
Alesis DM5
Alesis MidiVerb 4 x 2  
Sony HR-MP5  
JLCooper FaderMaster  
Alesis 3630  
Mackie LM-3204  
Tascam PB-32P x 2  
Boss SD-2  
Tascam DA-30mkII  
KRK 7000 x 2  
Peavey PC 2.6 C  
Music Quest 8Port/SE
DAL Digital Only CardD  
Sound Blaster AWE32  
Phillips CDD2000  
Micron P133/Ruggeri  
Numark CD7020 MK II  

Gear Wanted List

Yeah, right, what the hell else could I possibly want?!!

What my studio actually looks like on any given day