My DW-8000 Archive

The Korg DW-8000 Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer is a nifty little digital/analog hybrid synth which has that analog style with a modern MIDI implementation. Specs:

Check out the "Retro Review" in the December 1994 issue of Future Music for a sure indication that the DW-8000 has officially become pseudo-vintage.

Archives & Editors

For tons of patches in bulk dump format, check out the DW-8000 ftp site.

Because the programming interface of the DW-8000 sucks (one slider, one parameter at a time) I have written a full editor/librarian for it which runs under Windows 3.1. The editor can upload and download patches and banks and has full control panels for all patch parameters. It's way too cool for its own good. The latest version (1.01) is always available for anonymous FTP, as well as any updates (1.02). The editor is shareware but only costs a measly $25 to register.

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