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ANTHONY RUGGERI 610-389-0726


A senior technology executive position with wide-ranging responsibility in an organization dedicated to delivering innovative, quality new product solutions to customers.


A very creative, highly intelligent, and results-oriented professional with almost 15 years of experience building and delivering technology solutions in both leadership and hands-on roles. Excellent analytical and technical abilities, with "big picture" vision and an eye for quality and detail in every step of the development process. Long history of working with software, computing technology, and multimedia predating any formal education or work experience. Experience working with and managing senior technology professionals to achieve optimum results. Unique ability to smoothly transition from strategic-level decision-making to management of knowledge workers to hands-on technology issue resolution.


  • Design and construction of complex systems focused around the collection and management of financial investment data.
  • Content and commerce web site design and development, including underlying system, security, and database architecture, using a variety of Microsoft tools.
  • Custom web and Windows application development for both internal and external customers using VB.NET, Visual Basic, ASP, and C++.
  • Niche-market, commercial-quality Windows application programming using Borland C++.
  • Multimedia presentations and applications built with Visual Basic and Macromedia Director.


Languages: VB.NET, Visual Basic 1-6, T-SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, C++, ANSI C, C# (informal).

Tools and Technologies: ASP.NET, .NET Framework, ASP, COM/DCOM, MTS, MSMQ, IIS, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML/XSL.

Operating Systems and Servers: Windows 3.x-2003 and XP, SQL Server 6.5-2000, Internet Explorer 3-6, Netscape Navigator 3.x-6.x, DOS, UNIX, Linux.

Other Software: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Project, Starbase StarTeam, Merant PVCS, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Verity Information Server, PGP, SoftwareFX ChartFX, Macromedia Director, Microsoft Visio, Forte, Rational Rose.


1999-present Investor Force, Inc. (formerly, Wayne, PA
Chief Technology Officer, Head of Application Development, Director of Technology, Technology Manager

  • Responsible for managing Application Development, Databases, and Quality Assurance, coordinating schedules for multiple projects and product release cycles, leading discussions and decision-making on platform and architecture issues, and running software deployments.
  • Planned and executed all technology tasks within a 5-person executive team that negotiated and implemented a high-profile sale of software and investment data product assets to Morningstar.
  • Planned, managed, and contributed to architecture and coding on the company's first .NET project, for a top national financial services company.
  • Designed and built a library of user interface abstraction objects for ASP web sites.
  • Led an 11-person technology team immediately following a significant restructuring of the company.
  • Designed and implemented a configuration management process for a 30-person staff comprised of five independent development teams. Designed and built a software tool to automate this process with VB 6, PVCS Tracker, and StarTeam, replacing a dedicated full-time individual.
  • Led the technology efforts on a team dedicated to database development and analytics products. Guided several successful, on-time software releases coordinating output from local developers and a remote team.
  • Led the technology efforts for an online communications and knowledge management product incorporating components from three vendors and internal developers.
  • Managed the development group, production site, and software configuration prior to the availability of dedicated personnel for each role.
  • As the first technology hire and one of the first 10 employees of the company, set initial technical direction, designed a user registration and security infrastructure, transitioned site development away from an external technology provider, and aided the rapid construction of a highly capable technical team.

1998-1999 Comcast Cellular (now Cingular Wireless), King of Prussia, PA
MIS Team Leader

  • Managed of a mixed team of up to 13 employees and consultants working multiple simultaneous projects.
  • Provided technical leadership on projects for finance, sales, marketing, and MIS throughout all phases of the project life cycle, using Microsoft client/server and web development tools.
  • Charter member of an Architecture Team tasked with reviewing projects and synthesizing a long-term strategic technology plan.

1997-1998 CoreTech Consulting Group, Inc., King of Prussia, PA

  • Led a content development team of up to 6 people within the Comcast Cellular MIS department, building various internal applications with ASP, VB COM objects, and SQL Server 6.5.
  • Built ASP pages, COM objects, and Access/Oracle 7 database interfaces, and wrote interface and component documentation, for a Common Fund Internet project at CoreStates bank.
  • Built install scripts and client interfaces for a Windows 95 remote access system on the Delmarva Power Banyan Vines internal network.

1993-1997 Formal Systems, Inc. (now Pedagogue Solutions), Princeton, NJ
Technical Consultant

  • Developed a variety of custom and commercial software for pharmaceutical, retail, and other customers as team member or lead.
  • Built internal tools and application frameworks for consumption by content writers and artists.
  • Performed numerous system administration duties such as hardware purchases, upgrades, network administration, and web management.
  • Composed and produced music soundtracks and digital sound for multimedia products.
  • Interacted with clients throughout design, development, and delivery.

1988-1993 Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
Pew Fellow in Systematics, Curatorial Assistant

  • Designed new data entry system for the Department of Malacology in QuickBasic.
  • Performed DNA hybridization, protein electrophoresis, and comparative systematics in Entomology, Malacology, and Ornithology.


Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (1991-1995)

  • A.B., Department of Molecular Biology.
  • Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Molecular Biology.
  • High school valedictorian.
  • Westinghouse Science Talent Search semifinalist.