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Here it is... the official Dei Sub discography.

COMING SOON! (12/2005) Dei Sub mp3 tracks available from major online music distributors.

Title Format Label Tracks Released
One 12" E.P. Defective Records A1 Moto Roto (remix)
A2 Solid Waste
B1 Wayside
B2 Ten Nine Eight
March 1996
Who's Who
(remixes of tracks by DJ Who)
12" double remix E.P. Defective Records 1-B1 PB4UGO2BED (Deep Drive mix)
1-B2 PB4UGO2BED (Bass Trance mix)
2-B1 Hard Winter's Night (Euroflange mix)
July 1996
Criminally Groovin' Too 12" E.P. Defective Records A1 What the Jump (live mix edit)
B1 Mine
B2 Q Particle
April 1997
(remixes of tracks from London's Filterless Records)
12" remix E.P. Defective Records A1 Conspiracy - Knowledge Phreax (Knowledge Breax mix) July 1998

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