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A God Among Men - mesmall.jpg (8944 bytes) Vital Statistics I am 28, 5'11", around 180 lbs, with brown hair and blue-green eyes (laser-corrected), of mixed European descent. I went to Princeton, work in technology, drive two cars, live in an apartment with a view, write my own electronic music, and read quite a bit. I lift weights, walk 5-10 miles every week (weather permitting), and play volleyball. I am very smart, by most standard measures in the top 1/1000th of the population. For those familiar with Myers-Briggs personality classifications, I am an INTJ "Mastermind." In the future I would like to make the world more efficient, be at the forefront of the revolution in computational technology that will remake society and change what it means to be human, and drive race cars.

Abridged Curriculum Vitae I was valedictorian at Upper Dublin High School, and I majored in Molecular Biology at Princeton (class of '95). After I graduated I worked as a technical consultant at Formal Systems, Inc. (now Pedagogue Solutions), then I was a consultant with Coretech Consulting Group, Inc., which evolved into a stint in the MIS department at Comcast Cellular, which company was then acquired by Southerwestern Bell and has since been spun off as part of Cingular. That unpleasant experience led to my joining PlanSponsorExchange.com when it had less than 10 employees. We are now InvestorForce and had more than 150 employees at one time (now we're down to around 80). In September 2001 I had my 2-year anniversary, which I guess marks me as a dot-com survivor.

My undergraduate thesis was on the origin of evolutionary constraints, an examination and rebuke of the more extreme theories put forth by proponents of structuralism in biology. Like anyone cares at this point. (Actually, my background in evolutionary biology has given me a lot of insights on the future of technology and organizational dynamics.) I used to do basically everything associated with interactive media, whether that was low-level programming, content authoring, interface design, project administration or client liason work. I needed bigger and better things, and found the bigger (not necessarily the better) in consulting and larger companies. It's nice to be back at a small company where project management involves getting things done!! What a concept. The success of Phase IV of my Plan for Total World Domination (acquire capital via stock options with ridiculously low strike prices) is a bit uncertain these days, what with people expecting companies going IPO to actually provide proven value (read: profits). Phase V is as of yet undetermined.

A God Among Men - mecomp.jpgRandom Pursuits I watch sports (especially hockey), Star Trek, South Park, Friends, play mind-numbing PC games (more on that elsewhere) and read up on philosophy, particle physics, or whatever else I happen to want at the moment. I also like to travel to warm, sunny places with palm trees, beaches, and rainforests. Once in a while I wonder what life would be like if I had stuck to my original plan of collecting large exotic beetles in the Amazon basin. Maybe I will make my millions and go back to it. Maybe some of those big beetles may turn into pigs while they are flying.

In case you've detected some kind of pattern here--volleyball, convertible, computer expertise, sunny climes--it's true, it would be nice to eventually end up in a tropical location where the trade winds blow gently all year, preferably with a beachfront house, Land Rover/Porsche/Lexus in the driveway and a very expensive high-bandwidth connection to the global network. I'm also single, which is another good reason to send me some email! This only applies to approximately 51% of you. For the guys, may I suggest the Flyers page instead.

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